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Yensen R, Dryer D. 
“Addiction, Despair, and the Soul: Successful Psychedelic Psychotherapy, A Case Study”. 1999.
In 1965, the U.S. Senate began hearings on LSD, a remarkable and alarming drug. As the polarized testimony about lives ruined and lives saved by LSD began, The Spring Grove Experiment, a CBS 4News documentary film, hit national television. The emotional intimacy of psychotherapy and a breakthrough LSD experience for a young alcoholic patient beamed into the living rooms of America. Thirty-three years later, we set out to examine this man's life and discuss with him and his family what made that LSD treatment a success. Our goal is to understand the complex process of successful psychedelic psychotherapy. We decided to interview him and his family to highlight the drama and meaning of individual experiences that dry scientific reporting overlooks. We sought clinical wisdom in a careful review of the essential elements in a successful psychedelic treatment.
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