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Cooper PD. 
“Beta-chloroethylamines related to mescaline”. 
J Med Chem. 1973 Sep 16;16(9):1057-9.
&946-Haloethylamines are precursors of a variety of aziridenes of interest as irreversible blocking agents. Current evidence indicates that a drug can be transformed into an alkylating analog without disturbing its receptor specificity. Examples are the &946-haloethylamine derivatives of such diverse types as adrenergic blocking agents and local anesthetics.' Brewster and Pinder' have recently reported the pharmacological properties of some aziridine analogs of amphetamines. At the time of that report, I had completed the synthesis of some related &946-chloroethylamines. These compounds, a-chloromethylmescaline hydrochloride 1 and N-&946-chloroethyl mescaline hydrochloride 2, are aziridine precursors which have structural features resembling mescaline and its analogs. Consequently, they were expected to have either psychotomimetic or antipsychotomimetic activity of long duration, depending on the as yet unknown mechanism of action of mescaline. In this context the compounds would have been useful for receptor-labeling experiments, for studying the mechanism of action of mescaline, and perhaps for therapeutic applications. I therefore wish to describe my work.
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