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Clark AD, Butt N. 
“Ecstasy-induced very severe aplastic anaemia complicated by invasive pulmonary mucormycosis treated with allogeneic peripheral blood progenitor cell transplant”. 
Clin Lab Haematol. 1997 Dec;19(4):279-81.
Very severe aplastic anaemia (vSAA) is rare. We report a case of Ecstasy-induced very severe aplastic anaemia which did not respond to immunosuppressive therapy, developing invasive pulmonary mucormycosis. The patient underwent an HLA-identical sibling peripheral blood progenitor cell transplant (PBPCT) with rapid neutrophil engraftment. During engraftment he developed life-threatening adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). This case serves to illustrate a novel aetiology of vSAA where the infective complications responded to prompt haematopoietic engraftment.
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