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Carvey P, Nausieda P, Weertz R, Klawans H. 
“LSD and other related hallucinogens elicit myoclonic jumping behavior in the guinea pig”. 
Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 1989;13(1-2):199-210.
1. We evaluated the behavioral response of guinea pigs to hallucinogenic agents in order to characterize the response of this species to a variety of known hallucinogenic drugs. 2. The systemic injection of LSD in the guinea pig elicited a 'myoclonic-like' response the frequency of which was dose-dependent. This behavior exhibited rapid tolerance which was more prominent at higher doses. 3. Subacute mescaline pretreatment reduced the myoclonic response to LSD suggesting cross-tolerance. 4. Mescaline, DOM, TMA, DMA and 5 Me-ODMT also elicited myoclonus in a dose-dependent manner and in potency ratios which approximate the human experience for hallucinogenic activity. 5. Brom-LSD failed to induce myoclonus. 6. Since the myoclonic response of the guinea pig shares a number of pharmacologic characteristics with the human hallucinogenic event, this species may be useful in the study of hallucinogenic compounds.
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