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Lindigkeit R, Böhme A, Eiserloh I, Lu&776bbecke M, Wiggermann M, Beuerle T. 
“Synthese, Charakterisierung und Analyse von JWH-018-Strukturanalogen Synthesis, Characterization and Analysis of Structural Analogues of JWH-018”. 
. 2010.
On January 22nd 2009, the German Health Authorities prohibited several nontraditional cannabinoids that proved to be the active components in popular “Bio-Designer-Drugs” like “Spice” and analogous products [1, 2]. While the regulation included several homologues of CP 47,497 alkyl side chain C6 to C9, only one representative of the alkylaminoindoles JWH-018 was banned. However, in-vitro data suggest that JWH-018 analogues possess equal or higher affinity to the CB1 and CB2 receptor than &10485779-THC [3]. The same is true for compounds that lack the carbonyl functionality e.g. compound 2c, JWH-175 [4].

To facilitate the analysis of potentially interesting compounds of “Spice-replacement- products”, we synthesized the compounds 1a-1e and 2a-2e. The compounds were purified and the structures were verified by NMR. High quality mass spectra were recorded under standard GC-EI-MS conditions. The MS-Data in NIST-format of all described compounds and synthetic intermediates is available and can be obtained from the authors.
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