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Szára, S. 
“Dimethyltryptamin: Its Metabolism in Man the Relation of its Psychotic Effect to the Serotonin Metabolism”. 
Experientia. 1956 November;12(11):441-2.
We tested dimethyltryptamin DMT in man, and found it to have a psychotic effect partially similar to that caused by meskalin or LSD-25. The main symptoms are: visual hallucinations and illusions, distorsion of the spatial perception and body image, disturbances of the thought and speech, euphoria. Sympathicomimetic signs, such as mydriasis, elevation of the blood- pressure, etc., can also be found. This model psychosis differs, however, from those hitherto known in some respects the most striking difference is that the psychic symptoms appear in 3-5 min after the injection, and pass away within 1 h. This mode of action suggested the direct connection of the psychosis with the introduced DMT. Therefore it seemed to be of great interest to investigate DMT-metabolism in man.
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