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Weil A. 
“Observations on Consciousness Alteration”. 
Journal of Psychedelic Drugs. 1977 Apr-Jun 30;9(2):165-9.
A Datura flower opened in my garden last night: a great showy bloom, white as moonlight, that perfumed the desert air with its fragrance. The species in my garden is D. meteloides, also called D. inoxia, a common weed of Mexico and the American Southwest. It is known here as Sacred Datura, sacred because of its long association with Native American medicine, religion, and magic. Like all of its relatives in the genus, (about 20 species in both Old and New Worlds), and many of its more distant cousins in the Nightshade Family, the Sacred Datura is strongly psychoactive. All parts of the plant are powerfully intoxicating, and people have used it for thousands of years to induce significant, even violent, changes of consciousness. (For illustrations of the principal species of Datura see Schultes & Smith 1976, pp. 52-58 and 142-149).
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