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Arqáez AG, Pérez-Amador MC. 
“Distribution in the plant of glycoresins and Distribution in the plant of glycoresins and ergoline alkaloids in three species of Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae)”. 
International Journal of Experimental Botany. 1997;60:73-6.
An analysis for glycoresins and ergoline alkaloids was carried out on 3 species of the «Jalapa root» complex: Ipomoea purga Choisy, D.C., L orizabensis (Pelletan) Ledenois and Ljalapa (L.) Pursh. The chromatographic profiles of roots, stems, leaves and seeds were determined and compared. Glycoresins were found in all plant parts, in greater amounts in the roots. Ergoline alkaloids were detected in small amounts in some organs. Glycoresins were found in the 3 species, I. purga showing the larger number of spots; alkaloids were also found in the 3 species. The purgative resin was obtained from the roots of the 3 species and the yields were in accordance with the profile analysis.
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