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Díaz JL. 
“Ethnopharmacology and taxonomy of Mexican psychodysleptic plants”. 
J Psychedelic Drugs. 1979 Jan-Jun 24;11(1-2):71-101.
It has proven difficult to construct a taxonomy of the plants and chemical compounds that affect mental functioning and behavior which is generally acceptable to the many specialists working in the diverse fields embraced by the subject (Bobon 1973). This lack of consensus arises, at least in part, from the fact that psychotropic plants and substances cannot only be analyzed from the perspective of a number of disciplines, but may also be validly classified according to each of them. It is legitimate, for example, to employ botanical nomenclature, although the biodynamic properties and uses are thereby left obscure. Chemical taxonomy is also applicable; however, while having the advantage of indisputable objectivity, this system of nomenclature likewise fails to indicate the pharmacological effects since minor chemical modifications can give rise to major differences in activity. Similarly, an ethnological classification based on traditional usage can be proposed, but these vary widely between cultural groups.
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