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Eich E, Pertz H. 
“Ergot alkaloids as lead structures for differential receptor systems”. 
Pharmazie. 1994 Dec 02;49(12):867-77.
Ergot alkaloids and their semisynthetic derivatives play an important role in therapy and also in experimental pharmacology [1]. In 1964 Albert Hofmann, the most important pioneer of ergoline chemistry, published the classic monograph on ergot alkaloids and their derivatives of which the last 22 pages (of total 218) contain pharmacology and therapeutical applications [2]. The most voluminous monograph on ergoline pharmacology appeared in 1978 within the scope of the series Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology edited by Berde et al. [3]. In addition, the proceedings of symposia and workshops on ergolines yielded valuable informations on this, topic, e.g. [4, 5]. The up-date knowledge on certain estimated ergoline drugs was documented in the eighties in special monographs, like lisuride [6], dihydroergotamine (Dihydergot-) [7], and codergocrine (dihydreergotoxine, Hydergin®) [8].
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