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Kucht S, Gross J, Hussein Y, Grothe T, Keller U, Basar S, König WA, Steiner U, Leistner E. 
“Elimination of ergoline alkaloids following treatment of Ipomoea asarifolia (Convolvulaceae) with fungicides”. 
Planta. 2004 Aug 04;219(4):619-25.
Ergoline alkaloids are constituents of Clavicipitaceous fungi living on Poaceae plants. Ergoline alkaloids as well as volatile oil are also present in Ipomoea asarifolia Roem. and Schult (Convolvulaceae). Treatment of this plant with two fungicides (Folicur, Pronto Plus) eliminates the ergoline alkaloids but not the volatile oil. Elimination of ergoline alkaloids occurs concomitantly with loss of fungal hyphae associated with secretory glands on the upper leaf surface of the Ipomoea plant. Our observations suggest that accumulation of ergoline alkaloids in the Convolvulaceae may depend on the presence of a plant-associated fungus.
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