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Prado, A. 
“Na selva, um mistico vende o sonho”. 
O Estado de S. Paulo. 1968 Aug 29.
Newspaper coverage of the UDV in the mainstream daily newspaper of Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Top Headline: “In the forest, a mystic sells dreams”

Secondary Headlines: “There are 2 cases of madness”, “Monthly dues: 3 cruzeiros, "The dream room is just a hovel", "Theory goes from Solomon to the Incas", "What it cures, according to the Master"
Notes # : In 1968, awareness of the UDV outside the Amazonian region was just beginning. The reporter on this story traveled to the Amazon to interview the group's founder, Mestre Gabriel. This article was not mentioned in the literature on ayahuasca until 2009, forty years after it was first published.
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