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Pepin G, Cheze M, Billault F, Gaillard Y. 
“New hallucinogenic in Europe: Ayahuasca or the Vine of the Spirit”. 
Journal of Forensic Medicine (france). 2000;43(7-8).
The hallucinogenic plants are known since times immemorial The psychedelic movement of the 70s associated with the chemistry of the industrial era has given rise to LSD (diethyl amide 25 of lysergic acid) and later to the designer drugs [20,22]. However, the natural hallucinogenics are becoming more important and their consumption tends to become more and more common.

There exists a hunger for stimuli on the part of consumers of psychoactive products, who constantly sift the data published in the scientific literature and redistribute it to the public at large via the internet.

The emergence of syncretic cults that belong to the movement of a return to nature as well as the infatuation for “organic” products represent another vector of hallucinogenic propagation [23]. Their use in primitive or industrialized societies may be considered as an ancestral custom which became dangerous, however the hallucinogenic plants took an important cultural part in the past that may endure.
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