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Schultes, R.E. & Swain T.. 
“Further Notes on Virola as an Orally Administered Hallucinogen”. 
Journal Psychoactive Drugs. 1976 Oct-Dec;8(4):317-24.
Ingestion of the resin of Virola bark for hallucinogenic purposes was first reported in 1969 (Schultes 1969). The species employed was Virola theiodora (Spr. ex Benth.) Warb., and information on its role among the Witoto, Muinane and Bora tribes was offered from observations and statements of Indians now residing near Leticia, a Colombian town on the Rio Amazonas. The custom of ingesting pellets or pills prepared from the resin of this myristicaceous tree was reputedly common in the original home of these Indians: the general area comprised within the Ri'os Karaparana and Igaraparana, Colombian affluents of the Rio Putumayo.
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