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Auwärter V, Dresen S, Weinmann W, Müller M, Pütz M, Ferreirós N. 
“'Spice' and other herbal blends: harmless incense or cannabinoid designer drugs?”. 
Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 2009;pn/a.
Following the suspicion that synthetic compounds added the bioactive herbs listed as ingredients in the herbal mixture "Spice" may be the main cause for pharmacological activity, to prove pharmacological activity and to gain drug positive blood and urine samples, a self-experiment was conducted by two of the authors. One cigarette containing 0.3 g of ‘Spice Diamond’ was smoked together and several blood and urine samples were collected. For isolation of active compounds, ethanolic extracts of the materials (0.5 g of ‘Spice silver’, ‘Spice Gold’, ‘Spice Diamond’, ‘Smoke’, ‘Sence’, ‘Skunk’ and ‘Yucatan Fire’ each, with 5 mL ethanol) were prepared. Routine qualitative drug analysis procedures, including GC-MS-screening with library search, multi-target screening by LC-MS/MS[1] and immunological screening procedures were conducted.

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