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Segelman AB, Sofia RD. 
“Cannabis sativa L. (Marijuana) IV: Chemical basis for increased potency related to novel method of preparation”. 
J Pharm Sci. 1973 Dec 11;62(12):2044-6.
Recent reports from the drug subculture in this country indicate that the simultaneous use of marijuana teas together with smoking previously boiled marijuana plant material results in more profoundly experienced psychotropic effects. It was found that the boiling water treatment of marijuana removes water-soluble materials equivalent to 30% of the weight of the plant material, thus leading to marijuana correspondingly enriched in cannabinoids, including (-_trans-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, one of the major psychoactive compounds present in the plant. This finding explains, in part, the reputed increased pharmacological effects resulting from this newly described method of marijuana use. moreover, the potential dangers inherent in the described method are discussed.
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