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“Observations on the psychotogenic effect of N-N diethyltryptamine, a new tryptamine derivative”. 
J Ment Sci. 1959 Jan 01;105(438):171-81.
After discussing the hallucinogenic derivatives of tryptamine known thus far and their significance, the authors outline the symptoms of the model psychosis which followed the intramuscular injection of a single dose of 0-65 to 0-85 mg./Kg. body weight of diethyltryptamine. A total of 71 test subjects (30 normal, 41 psychotics including 29 schizophrenics) haye been involved in the study. The model psychosis produced by DET can be best likened to a moderate mescaline intoxication, although in some features it resembles the LSD effect The effect is over in 3 hours. An illustrative protocol is presented and examples showing how the drug may help in psychotherapy are discussed in brief. The EEG changes produced by diethyltryptamine are described shortly; these bear resemblance to those produced by mescaline and LSD.

It is suggested that a correlation may exist between the tryptamine derivatives and the exogenous reaction types of mental condition.
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