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Langlitz N. 
“Tripping in Solitude; Introducing Honza Samotar by Way of John Lilly”. 
Katrin Solhjdu (ed.). Introspective Self-Reports. Shaping Ethical and Aesthetic Concepts 1850-2006. Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. 2006;p81-92.
Whereas self-experiments were part and parcel of scientific practice in the nineteenth century, today they are regarded with suspicion. But despite its marginalization, self-experimentation has not vanished altogether. In the gray area of contemporary science, some curious individuals are still seeking a more profound understanding of themselves and our kind by systematically manipulating their bodies and minds. Honza Samotar, for example. I would like briefly to introduce his work and the tradition from which it has arisen before you hear his own report.
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