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Babakhanian RV, Ivanova GV, Kostyrko TA, Safraĭ AE, Iagmurov OD. 
“[The morphofunctional changes in the internal organs in the modelling of poisonings by psilocybine-containing mushrooms]”. 
Sud Med Ekspert. 1999 May-Jun 23;42(3):6-9.
Histological analysis of the viscera in experimental poisoning with psilocybin-containing mushrooms showed nonspecific changes in all examined organs, presenting as expressed hemocirculatory disorders and intracellular dystrophy. Quantitative histochemical analysis showed appreciable shifts in the activities of enzymes involved in the cytoplasmic and mitochondrial redox processes and of specific enzymes involved in nerve tissue metabolism. This may reflect some features in the direct effects of narcotic alkaloids contained in psilocybin-producing mushrooms.
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