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Suess R, Lehmann P. 
“[Hematogenous contact eczema cause by phytogenic drugs exemplified by kava root extract]”. 
Hautarzt. 1996 Jun 19;47(6):459-61.
The increasing promotion of herbal drugs may lead to allergic problems. A case of systemic contact-type dermatitis after oral administration of kava extract illustrates this special problem. The kava plant is a member of the black pepper family; an intoxicant beverage prepared from the roots of this plant is used ceremonially by many traditional societies of the Southern Pacific. The beverage induces relaxation, enhances a sense of sociability and promotes sleep. These effects are utilized in herbal drugs containing kava, which are sold for insomnia, nervousness and depression. The ichthyosiform kava dermopathy is a well-known side effect of excessive use of kava; in this case report we describe an acute allergic side-effect of kava extract.
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