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Strombert VL. 
“The Isolation of Bufotenine from Pipatdenia (Anadenanthera) peregrina”. 
Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1954 Mar 20;76.
EXPERIMENTAL: Isolation of Bufotenine. - Piptadenia (Anadenanthera) peregrina seeds, 891 grams, secured from Las Mesas, Puerto Rico, were ground in a Waring blendor and extracted twice with 4 litres of 1% ethanolic tartaric acid solution for 2 hours at 55F8. The resulting 8 litre of solution was filtered, concentrated to a volume of 1 liter and diluted with 2.5 liters of water. It was acidified with 200 ml of 2N hydrochloric acid. The solution was filtered and extracted six times with 200 ml portions of chloroform. The chloroform solution was discarded. The acid solution was neutralized with solid sodium carbonate. This was divided into two parts and each part was extracted seven times with 200 ml portions of chloroform. The combined chloroform solutions were extracted with 2N hydrochloric acid. This acid solution was made basic with solid sodium carbonate and the base was re-extracted with chloroform. After drying, the solvent was removed to provide 20.95 grams (2.45%) of mixed organic bases. A crude alkaloid fraction, 10.11 grams, was subjected to chromatographic separation on alumina (Merck Reagent). An ethyl acetate fraction contained 0.12 gram of a brown oil. The bufotenine fraction was eluted with 3:1 ethyl acetate-ethanol to give 7.66 grams of material. Several recrystallizations from ethyl acetate gave 4.09 grams (40% of the alkaloid fraction), melting point 146F8-147F8. Bufotenine represents 0.94% of the Piptadenia seed. The material remaining on the column was eluted with ethanol to give 2.31 grams of residue.
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