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Cannon JG, Perez JA, Pease JP, Long JP, Flynn JR, Rusterholz DB, Dryer SE. 
“Comparison of biological effects of N-alkylated congeners of beta-phenethylamine derived from 2-aminotetralin, 2-aminoindan, and 6-aminobenzocycloheptene”. 
J Med Chem. 1980 Jul 24;23(7):745-9.
Three series of bicyclic, semirigid congeners of beta-phenethylamine have been prepared for evaluation of the effect of ring size (and of concomitant conformational variation) on biological activity in a variety of assays for adrenergic and dopaminergic actions. Pharmacologic activity was associated with 2-aminotetralin and 2-aminoindan derivateves, but was not found with 6-aminobenzocycloheptene derivatives. Noteworthy is the ability of several aminotetralins and aminoindans to increase the hot-plate reaction time without eliciting dopaminergic effects. This action was not blocked by pretreatment with naloxone.
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