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Addy P. 
“Facilitating transpersonal experiences with dextromethorphan: potential, cautions, and caveats”. 
Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. 2007;39(1):1-22.
ABSTRACT: Dextromethorphan (DXM), a nonprescription psychoactive drug that may lead to spiritual or transpersonal altered states of consciousness, has legitimate therapeutic applications that are being investigated by clinical researchers. It is easily available in over-the-counter cough medicines, and due to its psychoactive properties, DXM is an increasingly popular drug of abuse. Nonmedical use of DXM can lead to dependence and death. Clinical research related to nonmedical DXM use is limited, but many theories and experience reports have been published on the Internet. Nonmedical DXM users may consist of two types: those who seek recreation and those who want to explore their mind (psychonauts). Given the potential importance of DXM-facilitated transpersonal experiences, this article suggests research be conducted on the chemical. The experiences of others must be taken into account before any adequate theory of DXM can be formulated.
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