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Der Marderosian AH. 
“Nomenclatural History of the Morning Glory, Ipomoea violacea (L.)”. 
Taxon. 1965 Sep;14(7):234-40.
The first report of the use of the seeds of Ipomoea violacea L. by hlacDougal refers to it as Ipomoea tricolor Cav. However, Wasson later stated that the plant was identified at the National Herbarium in Washington as lpomoea violacea L. Although the binomial lpomoea tricolor Cav. has been widely used, and confusion has arisen between this name and Ipomoea violacea L., Schultes and Wasson, in agreement with House, the American specialist in the Convolvulaceae, stated that both names actually refer to one polymorphic species. [...]
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