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Arun P, Chavan BS, Priti Arun.. 
“Oxytocin abuse: a case report”. 
Indian J Psychiatry. 1998 Jan;40(1):90-1.
This case report describes the abuse of oxytocin, a substance without known euphoric or CNS effects. The possible mechanism which resulted in its abuse is discussed.

Sociocultural factors, availability of a drug and peer influence are important in determining the type of drug to be abused in a particular community. Drug users frequently shift from one drug of abuse to other drug and also from one route of intake to other route of intake. Experimentation with a newer drug even without any knowledge of its effects is a known phenomenon among drug users. We report a case of oxytocin abuse, a substance without known euphoric or CNS effects.

D.S. a 20 years old, unmarried, illiterate, male, resident of Chandigarh is living in a Gurudwara for the last 15 years. He was gifted to Gurudwara because his parents had taken a pledge to give one child to Gurudwara if their children survived. In the company oVSewadars' he learnt to consume cannabis at a young age of 10 years and has been taking it regularly since then. For last 5-6 years his consumption of cannabis increased to 15-20 gms a day. About 2 years back he also started taking tablet diazepam (25-30mg/day) on the advise of other sewadars but stopped taking it about 2 months back Patient did not report any withdrawal symptom (s) on discontinuation of cannabis or diazepam.
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