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Ridout F, Gould S, Nunes C, Hindmarch I. 
“The effects of carbon dioxide in champagne on psychometric performance and blood-alcohol concentration”. 
Alcohol Alcohol. 2003 Jul-Aug;38(4):381-5.
AIMS: To assess the effects of carbon dioxide (CO(2)) in champagne on psychomotor performance and blood-alcohol concentration (BAC).

METHODS: Twelve subjects consumed ethanol (0.6 g/kg body weight) served as champagne or champagne with the CO(2) removed, in a crossover study.

RESULTS: Champagne produced significantly greater BACs and significantly increased reaction times in a divided attention task, than degassed champagne. CONCLUSIONS: The CO(2) in champagne may accelerate absorption of alcohol, leading to more rapid or severe intoxication.
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