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Faed EM, McLeod WR. 
“A urine screening test of lysergide (LSD-25)”. 
J of Chromatographic Science. 1973;11:4-6.
A method of screening urine specimens for lysergide is described. The procedure uses paper chromatography of the hydrolysed extracts from urine. The final step is inactivation of the flourescence of lysergide or its derivatives in the chromatogram eluates by UV-irradiation. Lysergide derivatives were detected in urine passed four days after ingestion of 200 micrograms of the drug.
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Apr 17, 2011 1:59
LSD Metabolism #

This is one of the few papers that has looked at detection times of LSD and thus the metabolism of LSD in humans. See LSD Does Not Stay in your Body Forever.
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