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Johnston E, Sanxter S, Cross J, McKern D.. 
“Newletter of the Association for Hawai'ian 'Awa”. 
Association for Hawai'ian 'Awa. 1998;1(1).
On May 11th, 1998, the Association for Hawaiian `Awa (AHA) was formed as a Hawai'i non-profit for "... research, education and preservation of the cultural and medicinal values associated with the `awa plant." `Awa, widely known as"kava" throughout the Pacific, was cultivated and used in pre-contact Hawai'i, and a number of uniquely Hawaiian varieties have survived. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of `awa cultivation in Hawai`i gardens, farmers have begun to view `awa as a promising new crop, and entrepreneurs have come forward to develop an `awa industry in Hawai`i.
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