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Eisner BG, Ormond H.. 
“The Sick Role vs the Dying Role”. 
The Journal of Mind-Body Health. 1996 Spring;12(2):67-69.
To the distinction that has been drawn between the sick role and the impaired role must be added a third role that has mostly been overlooked in modem society: the dying role. The dying role has its own rights and responsibilities, including the right to refuse medical treatment. Because of attitudes toward death in our society and the growth of medical technologies that seem to promise miracles, heroic measures to extend life are often performed, though they can result in more pain, decline in thequalityof life and, often, a prolonged and agonizing death. Every patient has the right to live his or her life as comfortably as possible and to die in peace. Parts of the medical community such as the hospice movement are aware of this and strive to provide care for both dying patients and their families.
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