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Heilig, Steve. 
“MDMA Update: The Science and Politics of Ecstasy”. 
Newsletter of the California Society of Addiction Medicine. 1993 Summer;20(2).
The history to date of MDMA in America resembles nothing so much as a kind of "acid flashback," in that it follows the pattern of activity surrounding lysergic acid diethylamide, this time a quarter century after LSD itself burst upon the national drug scene. Consider that MDMA, like LSD, was "discovered" by scientists, languished in oblivion for decades until it began to be researched and advocated as a psychotherapeutic drug, was utilized in secret government experiments on human subjects, received increasing media attention as the public learned of its psychoactive properties, became subject to legal sanctions as recreational use spread, and slowly but surely became a widespread street drug with often exaggerated claims and rumors of both its benefits and hazards.
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