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Eisner, BG. 
“The Group as Means and Matrix for Change”. 
Symposium Paper: On Becoming - From Self-Awareness to Being Oneself. 1971 April 25.
In order for basic change to occur, three things are necessary: 1. Motivation -- one must really want it (not just say so) 2, Commitment -- one must be willing to pay the price (time, money, pain, etc.) 3. Action -- there must be action to carry out the committment, and also there must be a situation wherein there is the opportunity for the appropriate action. And it is in therapy (or a therapeutic situation), and more specifically in therapy which includes the group process, that, in my opinion, there is the greatest opportunity for action. I do not speak of a group which meets maybe once a week for an hour and a half or two, I mean a group setting which provides a 24-hour opportunity for change, which brings to mind such analogs as Alcoholics Anonymous, which was first historically, and Synanon which is more complete and encompassing because the living situation is included along with thte twenty-four hour work orientation; this latter environment must exist, in my opinion, in order to allow the motivation to find expression and the committment to basic change to find opportunities for appropriate action.
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