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Gopel C, Maras A, Schmidt MH. 
“[Hawaiian baby rose wood: case report of an argyreia nervosa induced toxic psychosis]”. 
Psychiatr Prax. 2003 May;30(4):223-4.
An increase of intoxications in persons using psychoactive plants and mushrooms can be observed. Mainly adolescents are experimenting with this group of plants for its hallucinogenic effects and easy and cheap availability. A case of a toxic psychosis with hallucinations, disturbances of orientation and psychomotoric agitation and anxiety after the intake of Hawaiian baby wood rose seed, an exotic ergotalkaloid containing plant often misused for its hallucinogenic effect is reported. Other drug-induced psychosis (e.g. LSD-psychosis), schizophrenic episodes or anticholinergic drug-induced intoxications have to be excluded. Regarding the increasing spreading of the misuse of psychoactive plants in Europe and North America intoxications with severe fatal sequelae have to be expected for the future. The knowledge of the clinical picture is important for correct diagnosis and treatment.
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