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Borsutzky M, Passie T, Paetzold W, Emrich HM, Schneider U. 
“[Hawaiian baby woodrose: (Psycho-) Pharmacological effects of the seeds of Argyreia nervosa. A case-orientated demonstration]”. 
Nervenarzt. 2002 Sep;73(9):892-6.
The seeds of the Hawaiian baby woodrose ( Argyreia nervosa) are used by adolescents as a supposed hallucinogenic drug. These seeds are legally available and broadly sold. The active components are alkaloids structurally related to lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). However, the psychic effects are very different from those of LSD and are dominated by rather sedative, uncomfortable autonomic disturbances similar to the effects of scopolamine. The (psycho)pharmacological profile is described on the basis of the active substances lysergacidamide and lysergacidethylamide (and their isomers). It is shown that neither the substances themselves nor the mixture are able to evoke LSD-like perceptual variances. The exposure of Argyreia nervosa is described focusing on potential fetal distress by contained ergometrine and the case history of an intoxication.
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