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Haertzen CA. 
“Changes in correlation between responses to items of the Addiction Research Center Inventory produced by LSD-25”. 
J of Psychopharmacology. 1966;1(1):27-36.
One hundred male postnarcotic addicts were given the Addiction Research Center Inventory under no-drug, placebo, and LSD in randomized order, using a single blind design. The following conclusions were drawn: (1) LSD alters intercorrelations between responses on items that reflect its effects, and thereby alters factor structure. (2) Changes in intercorrelations of responses from no-drug or placebo to LSD are much less than the changes in probability of responses between no-drug and LSD. (3) Consistency of response between no-drug and LSD generally accounts for more variance of response than does the difference between these experimental conditions. (4) the results support the validity and efficacy of drug scales since the differences between no-drug and drug conditions are correlated with 1st factor loadings, and provide a logical and sufficient basis for an exception of reliable scales. (17 ref.)—M.D. Franzoni
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