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Richards WA. 
“Navigation within Consciousness: Insights from Four Decades of Psychotherapy Research with Imagery, Music and Entheogens”. 
J Assoc for Music Imagery. 2004;9.
The author's participation in early (1963-1964) research with music, imagery, and entheogens with Hanscarl Leuner and Walter Pahnke at the University of Göttingen is described, along with the subsequent contributions of Helen Bonny and the development of Guided Affective Imagery (GAI) into Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). Guidelines for effective work with imagery and music are discussed with reference to the entelechy of the interpersonally-grounded psyche, the paradox of ego strength and ego transcendence, and the importance of accepting the experiential content manifesting in the present moment. Reflections are offered on the potential value of transcendental experiences.
Notes # : Boston: Brill
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