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Richards WA. 
“Entheogens in the Study of Mystical and Archetypal Experiences”. 
Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion. 2003;13:143-155.
The nature and significance of entheogens and mystical consciousness are explored. Entheogens are defined as unique molecules which, when ingested under supportive condifions, have been reported to facilitate the occurrence of a variety of states of consciousness, including archetypal and mystical forms of experience . Variables influencing the action of entheogens are discussed, with attention focused on poten-dally positive and negative sequelae of their use in psychotherapy and religious research . Mystical consciousness is defined in accordance with six categories and differentiated from archetypal visions and other forms of experience . Implications for psychological theory and consciousness research are discussed with reference to interspirituality. Guidelines are proposed to undergird the ethical and responsible design of new research .
Notes # : Boston: Brill
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