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Richards WA., Rhead JC, DiLeo FB, Yensen R, Kurland AA. 
“The Peak Experience Variable in DPT-Assisted Psychotherapy with Cancer Patients”. 
Journal of Psychedelic Drugs. 1977;9(1):1-10.
An empirical study compared changes in psychological test scores for two groups of cancer patients who received one administration of DPT (dipropyltryptamine) in moderately high dosage (75-127.5 mg.) in the context of brief psychotherapy (Mean: 20.5 hours over 4-5 weeks): (1) Peakers (N=14) who reported major peak experiences during the period of entheogen action and (2) Nonpeakers (N=17) who encountered aesthetic or psychodynamic content during the period of entheogen action, but did not have major peak experiences. Those who reported peak experiences (as measured by the Psychedelic Experience Questionnaire [PEQ]) manifested significant change (p = .01-.001), comparing test scores obtained (1) before the beginning of treatment and (2) after the entheogen session, on scales of Shostrom's "Personal Orientation Inventory" (POI-- an instrument based on Maslow's concept of Self-Actualization), including Time Competency, Inner Directedness, Existentiality, and Capacity for Intimate Contact. Comparable change in the group of Nonpeakers was not found.
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