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Griffiths P, Vingoe L, et al. 
“Drug information systems, early warning, and new drug trends: can drug monitoring systems become more sensitive to emerging trends in drug consumption?”. 
Subst Use Misuse. 2000;35(6-8):811-44.
Drug Information Systems (DIS) are called upon to provide an early warning of emerging trends in drug use. However, little theoretical attention is directed toward exploring conceptual issues in this area. In this paper a typology of existing DIS is offered. Among the features that distinguish DIS are their structure (human network or organization systems) and the range of information sources used. Indicators of drug use can be placed on a continuum of sensitivity ranging from leading edge indicators to lagged indicators. Sensitivity implies volatility as sensitive indicators also react to fluctuations that do not become trends. DIS conventionally are largely reliant upon lagged indicators. What is required are DIS that combine a critical information processing function with the ongoing systematic collection of data from a range of data sources.
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