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Glennon RA, Little PJ, Rosecrans JA, Yousif M. 
“The effect of MDMA ('Ecstasy') and its optical isomers on schedule-controlled responding in mice”. 
Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1987;26(2):425-6.
Eleven mice were trained to respond under an FR 20 schedule of reinforcement and, after learning the schedule, were administered doses of saline and the following phenylisopropylamines: (+/-)-MDMA, S(+)-MDMA, R(-)-MDMA and (+)-amphetamine. Each of the phenylisopropylamines decreased rates of operant responding in a dose-dependent manner. S(+)-MDMA (ED50 = 3.1 mg/kg) was nearly equipotent with racemic MDMA and four times more potent than R(-)-MDMA (ED50 = 4.1 and 11.6 mg/kg, respectively), but less potent than (+)-amphetamine (ED50 = 0.74 mg/kg). The present study constitutes the first enantiomeric behavioral-potency comparison for the optical isomers of MDMA.
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