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Uzunov P, Weiss B. 
“Effect of psychotomimetic drugs on the cyclic 3', 5'-AMP system of rat brain”. 
Pharmacologist. 1971;13(2):257.
Previous studies showing that phenothiazine tranquilizers inhibit the activation of the cyclic AMP system of rat brain suggestsd that the cyclic nucleotide may play a role In the pathogenesis of certain psychoses. To study this possibillity further, we hove examined the effects of several structurally dissimilar psychotomimetic agents on the cyclic AMP system of rat brain. All psychotomimetics studied, including d-LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, ibotenic acid, and the dimethyl, diethyl, and dipropyl derivatives of tryptamlne (0.5mM) increased the accumulation of cyclic AMP when added in vitro to brain tissue slices. The inactive metabolltes of these agents (e.g. L-LSD, - bromo LSO) had little or no effect on the concentration of cyclic AHP. Addition of trifluoperazlne (TFP) (0.5 mM) to the tissue slices or administering it to the rat (30 umoles/kg i.p.) 90 minutes before preparing the slices prevented the accumulation of cyclic AMP induced by the psychotomimetics. The in vivo administration of d-LSD (1 mg/kg i.p.) raised the concentration of cyclic AMP in cerebrum two-fold within I0 minutes after the injection. TFP (50 umoles/kg i.p.) given 60 minutes before LSD totally abolished this effect. These results support the concept that cyclic AMP may be involved in experimental psychoses.
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