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Buffum J, Moser C. 
“MDMA and human sexual function”. 
J Psychoactive Drugs. 1986;18(4):355-9.
Although many MDMA users describe sexual enhancement from MDMA, there are no published reports of studies that systematically examine the effects of MDMA on sexual function. In an unpublished study of 29 patients undergoing MDMA-augmented psychotherapy, Greer (1983) reported one occurrence of anorgasmia the day after ingestion and one occurrence of decreased sexual desire lasting one or two days. One couple in the study reported enhanced sexual enjoyment following an MDMA session, partly due to delayed orgasm.

Because of numerous unpublished anecdotal reports about sexual enhancement from MDMA and the lack of published information, a study was designed to survey the effects of MDMA on sexual function. A self-rating questionnaire was devised to assess sexual function and provide some demographic data.
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