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Ketchum JS. 
“Detection of LSD”. 
Amer J Psychiat. 1969;125:1447-1448.
In 1964, based on work performed at the medical research laboratory at Edgewood Arsenal, Md., Drs. Aghajanian and Bing published (l) a spectrophotofluoremetric method for the quantitative assessment of LSD in the plasma. They demonstrated, among other things, that exceedingly minute differences in plasma level (as small as one nanogram [ng.]) could be reliably detected with careful technique.

Since two mcg. per kg. (a relatively modest dose by current standards) produces a maximum level in excess of 40 ng. per 10 cc. sample, and since the biological half-life in man is approximately three hours, positive identification of LSD in the blood should be possible for at least 12 hours after ingestion in the great majority of cases.
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