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Louria DB. 
“Lysergic acid diethylamide”. 
NEJM. 1968;278:435-438.
The dramatic and often tragic untoward reactions to LSD are well known. These include acute psychosis, acting out of sociopathic or homosexul impulses, inadvertent or intentional suicidal attempts, convulsions, uncontrolled aggression (including attempted homicide) and overwhelming, ego-shattering panic reactions... If responsible persons, including physicians, fail or abrogate their educative obligations, an enormous increase in the use of LSD and other potent hallucinogens, with consequent medical and psychiatric tragedies, will almost inevitably occur.

Even more important, the widespread use of LSD, or similar drugs waiting in the psychedelic wings, could lead to a whole generation of psychedelic dropouts, incapable of and unintended in addressing themselves to the important sociologic problems that challenge our times. If, this happened the very structure of this democratic society would be threatened.
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