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Bilsky EJ, Hubbell CL, Delconte JD, Reid LD. 
“MDMA produces a conditioned place preference and elicits ejaculation in male rats: a modulatory role for the endogenous opioids”. 
Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1991;40(2):443-7.
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) can produce a conditioned place preference (CPP) among rats. The ability of MDMA to produce a CPP was assessed while some rats were under the influence of naltrexone, 56 mg/kg, given 4 h before conditioning. Naltrexone attenuated MDMA's ability to produce a CPP without completely blocking MDMA's effects. Having noticed previously the production of seminal plugs by rats receiving MDMA, the presence of seminal plugs was recorded across the 8 days of conditioning. Roughly half of the rats receiving 6.3 mg/kg of MDMA left plugs during the conditioning period, while over two-thirds of those receiving a combination of MDMA and naltrexone left plugs. A second study, assessing further doses of MDMA, tabulated the drug's effects on the production of seminal plugs across 3 h. Besides eliciting ejaculation, MDMA also led to increased urination and defecation and a loss of body weight. These results support suggestions that the endogenous opioids modulate the reinforcing properties of stimulant drugs and affect male sexuality.
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