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Merrill J. 
“Ecstasy and neurodegeneration. Advice is that 'less is more'”. 
BMJ. 1996 Aug 17;313(7054):423.
A universal finding of descriptive studies of users of ecstasy is that the first ecstasy tablet is the best and that with subsequent use the desired effects decline and side effects increase.2 3 4 As ecstasy is pharmacologically active for only a few hours and even frequent users usually limit their use to weekends, neurotoxicity seems a more likely explanation than tolerance through neu-roadaptation. Even newsgroups on the Internet that promote the use of ecstasy are now debating not whether it causes serotoninergic nerve cell damage but whether the result is detrimental, inconsequential, or even beneficial, with general advice to users being that 'less is more' and 'more than one tablet once a month is an overdose.'
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