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Balestrieri A, Fontanari D. 
“Prime esperienze con LSD 25 nell'epilessia "psicomotoria"”. 
Atti Ist. Veneto Sci. Arti. Cl. Sci. Mat. Nat. [Acts of the Venetian Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts]. 1956;105:23-27.
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ACTS OF THE VENETIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, LETTERS AND ARTS Academic year 1956-57 - Volume 105 - Class of mathematical and natural sciences.


Antonio Balestrieri - Diego Fontanari

(Note presented by s.c. professor GB Belloni, in the [ad. ord.] dated 28 October 1956)

As part of the phenomena caused by LSD 25 and those related to psychomotor epileptic fit, we often observe short-term psychopathological manifestations that are foreign to the usual mental activity of the subject. ln both of these situations, however, some of the main symptoms share common ground that we frequently see exhibited. For example, both causes may result in the appearance of hallucination or visual disturbances, symptoms of depersonalization, unavoidable thoughts, etc.

Research in this field can be valuable both for a better understanding of the sorts of mental states manifested within an epileptic during a fit, and for the assessment of the effects caused by LSD 25, which led us to study the action of lysergic acid diethylamide in some patients with psychomotor epilepsy.

In this regard it should also be noted that the action of this drug in epileptics has not yet been thoroughly investigated; electroencephalographic observations in this field are scarce, and sometimes appear conflicting. The electroencephalogram--obtained with the usual techniques--did not seem to be significantly different, neither in its normal characters nor in the pathological ones; however, recent investigations carried out with depth electrodes seem to give rise to different results (Schwarz et al. 1956) .

(*) Lysergic acid diethylamide, kindly provided by Sandoz S. A.
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