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Agnew N, Hoffer A. 
“Nicotinic acid modified lysergic acid diethylamide psychosis”. 
J. Ment. Sc.. 1955;101:12.

PROBLEM: The LSD psychosis has been compared to toxic and functional psychoses Nicotinic acid has been used in the treatment of various psychoses The authors\\\' hypothesis was therefore that nicotinic acid will modify the LSD psychosis.

METHODS: 10 male volunteers. Age range 19-31 (mean 26). Group A (5 men): 200 mg nicotinic acid I.V. at the height of the LSD experience. Group B (5 men): 3 g nicotinic acid orally daily for 3 days prior to the LSD study. One man also received 200 mg nicotinic acid i.V. 15 minutes after taking LSD. On the experimental day each subject received lO0ug LSD orally. Each subject under constant observation for at least 4 hours. Tape recordings made. On the day after the experiment each subject submitted a report.

RESULTS: Nicotinic acid given at the height of the LSD experience resulted in a striking reduction in all LSD-induced disturbances, except affective, in all subjects but one. The reduction of the disturbances occurred within a few minutes of the nicotinise. acid injection and was maintained_ It seemed clear that the_mode of action of nicotinic acid was not that of direct biological antagonism.

Group B: Difficulties in powers of expression and concentration were mild by comparison to those in group A before nicotinic acid. Visual symptoms, usually the most striking feature of the LSD experience, appeared as the major symptom in only 1 case. Disturbances of self-identity and reality were the major symptoms in 3 cases. (One subject in group A reported similar disturbances) STEFANIUK in a personal communication, reported that approxo 1/4 of subjects noted disturbances of this kind after 200/ug LSD. The relatively clear description of the disturbances by 3 of the subjects was impressive. However, vagueness, affective disturbances, and lack of co-operation when pushed were also evident.

It is believed that the administration of nicotinic acid prior to LSD resulted in a \\\"model\\\" psychosis more in keeping with the schizophrenic prototype.

COMMENT: Confirmation of these findings is desirable as only a few studies were carried out.
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