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Jarvik ME, Abramson HA, Hirsch MW. 
“Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25): VI. Effect upon recall and recognition of various stimuli”. 
J. Psychol.. 1955;39:443.
PROBLEM: The effect of LSD on the recognition and recall of verbal and visual stimuli.

MATERIAL: 12 non-psychotic adults (6 F, 6 M). Age range 21-33.

METH0D: 5 visual and 4 auditory tests were used, containing stimtuli of varying degrees of familiarity. All 12 subjects were tested three times and 8 were tested four times. At the first session placebo was given, at the 2nd 50 ug LSD, at the third lO0 ug LSD, at the fourth placebo. There was an interval of at least 1 week between the sessions. Tests carried out approx. 1 hour after administration of drug or placebo.

RESULTS: lO0 ug LSD significantly impaired recognition or recall in 6 of 9 tests, as compared with the performance after placebo. 50 ug LSD produced an insignificant effect on recall and recognition. Only sentence recall showed significant improvement from pre-LSD to post-LSD placebo sessions. However, all tests showed some improvement.
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