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Bradley PB. 
“The effect of some drugs on the electrical activity of the brain of the conscious cat”. 
Eeg & Clin. Neurophysiol.. 1953;Suppl 3:21.
Electrical activity has been recorded from cortical and subcortical regions in the consciouscat using permanently implanted electrodes.m The effects of arousal on normal waking and sleeping patterns were studied. Atropine sulphate (2-3 mgm/Kg) produced large amplitude slow wave activity (resembling sleep patterns) without change in behavior; physostigmine (0.5-1.0 mgm/Kg) produced low voltage fast activity of the alert type without making the animal more alert. The effects of l-hyosoyamine (1-2 mgm/Kg) were similar to those of atropine, d-Hyosoyamine and ncostigmine were ineffective.
Notes # : (3rd International Congress on Electroencephalography and clinical Neurophysiology, Cambridge, Mass., Aug 17-22, 1953)
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