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Wagner JG, Aghajanian GK, Bing OHL. 
“Correlation of performance test scores with "tissue concentration" of lysergic acid diethylamide in human subjects”. 
Clin. Pharmacol.Ther.. 1968;9:635-638.
Previously published plasma concentrations of LSD-25, observed following intravenous injection of 2 mcg per kilogram of LSD-25, have been found to be explained by the two-compartment open model. Performance scores on arithmetic tests were shown to be highly linear correlated with the concentration in the "tissue" (outer) compartment. The estimated volume of the plasma (inner) compartment was 16.3 per cent of body weight, with is approximately the value reported for extracellular water; the estimated volume of the tissue compartment was 11.5 per cent of body weight. The estimated half-life for loss of LSD-25 from the plasma compartment, based on the model, was 103 minutes compared with a half-life of 180 minutes calculated directly from plasma concentrations.
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